Ask Sweet Scent
Ask Sweet Scent tumblr
Status Active
Main Character(s) Sweet Scent
Supporting Character(s) Futa and Mr. Tentacles

Ask Sweet Scent is an NSFW blog created by BoltSwift. Sweet Scent is a sex craved mare who prefers futas, including a certain hermaphrodite mare nicknamed Futa, who's real name has yet to be revealed.

Some of Sweet Scent's defining features is her collar and her hair, which covers her eyes. It has not been revealed what here eyes look like, but she has teased on the matter on occassions. She known to be a flourist, but hasn't shown anything related to the subject.

How Futa and Sweet Scent met is unkown, although the author plans on releasing a story arc on the matter soon. Mr. Tentacles is the name given to a pack of tentacles Sweet received celebrating 200 followers. It has not been seen much, but is known to reside with the two mares as well, and the author plans to use it in the future.

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