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Characters and BackgroundEdit

Ask Survivor Octavia takes place in a post apocalyptic setting where Octavia and Vinyl Scratch, both of whom appear to have taken good amounts of physical injury as seen in Scratch's scars across her left side and broken goggles and Octavia's numerous scratches and unkempt hair, are the creators of a survival log. It has been revealed that the followers of this blog are dubbed "survivors" and, incidentally, are canon on the blog, to a degree.


As for what sort of post apocalyptic world it takes place in, the current details include the fact that EVERY apocalypse has taken place and that velociraptors and aliens worked to build motorcycles that zombies ride. The technology is more advanced than that seen in the show. Also of note is that it was kicked off when A member of Octavia's ensemble, Beauty Brass, played a note too loudly and gave the princesses dual heart attacks, throwing the sun and moon out of whack.

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