Ask Sunray Smiles
Ask Sunray Smiles tumblr
Owner shadowkixx
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created April 2012
Main Character(s) Sunray Smiles
Supporting Character(s) Moonlight Aria
Connected With Sugar Cloud, Ace, Rockin' Roolo, Chocolate Dip

Ask Sunray Smiles is a SFW drawn ask blog run by Shadowkixx. It features a young stallion, whose special talent is making others happy.

About Sunray SmilesEdit

Sunray is an earth pony living in Ponyville. He gets along really well with others. 


With a positive outlook on everything, Sunray isn't one you'd expect to see mope around. An all around good guy, Sunray loves to joke around, occasionally making puns as a way of getting a chuckle out of his followers. He can, however, be serious at times if needed. His favorite day is Sunday, reasons unknown. He's known to get really shy whenever he's around Sugar Cloud or when someone brings her up.


Sunray is the middle child in his family. His older sister Snapshot is a Pegasus who's profession is a photographer. He has a little brother named Red Cross. A unicorn who wants to help ponies one day through medicine. His father, an earth pony, is a musician while his mother, a unicorn, is a translator.


Not much is known about Sunray's childhood. What is known, however, is how he got his cutie mark.

Cutie Mark/Special TalentEdit

Sunray's cutie mark is a smiling sun. It represents how he loves to brighten


up everypony's day. How he got it involved his friend.

How Sunray Got His Cutie Mark
Sunray had a childhood friend named Moonlight Aria. Aria and Sunray were really close, spending time together playing and camping under the night sky. Sunray helped Aria find her special talent, which led to her cutie mark appearing. A few weeks after, Sunray recieved news of Aria moving to Canterlot. As a last attempt to see his friend before her leave, they spent the night together once more in a field of sunflowers. At sunrise, Sunray cheered up Aria once more, telling her that if she was ever sad, she just had to look at the sunrise and remember the good times they had. Seeing the smile on Aria's face gave Sunray a sudden realization of how he wanted to spread this kind of joy with everyone. This realization led to his cutie mark appearing. Even after Aria moved, Sunray still managed to keep in contact with her, and their friendship is still just as strong.


Some of the references that have been made are references to Gurren Lagann, Pokemon, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.


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