Ask Sunfall

Ask Sunfall
Ask Sunfall tumblr
Owner EllyCoo
Blog type Ask Blog
Status Active
Date Created 12 November 2013
Supporting Character(s) Flash Sentry, Twilight Sparkle, Shimmer Lock, Jack Peanuts

The Ask BlogEdit

Sunfall is a half crystal mare. She lives in the Canterlot Castle and feels rather lonely.
She has a huge crush on Flash Sentry since her early ages, and was about to tell him how she felt... when Twilight came in. But since Sunny is a good friend, she steps back, still miserable.
Here you can ask her questions and follow her on her adventures!

Story ArcsEdit

A sad Past

(Short) Description A small story arc where Sunfall tells about her life before, about how her love grew for Flash Sentry during all those years.
Characters included Sunfall, Flash Sentry, Blossom Summer (minor), Jack Peanuts (minor), Gemstone Jewel (background), Platinum Plate (background), Juno and Kali Caprio (background)

Music Lessons

(Medium) Description
Flash Sentry's sister, Shimmer Lock has arrived in Canterlot! She wanted to take music lessons from her 'BBBFF', but turns out he's too busy. So she went to Sunfall's, but while this one is at the toilet, Shimmy opens a door she shouldn't have opened... She discovers Sunfall had a crush on her brother and decides to help Sunfall conquer his heart. But she doesn't know Twilight's Sparkles existence...
Characters included
Sunfall, Shimmer Lock, Flash Sentry, Twilight Sparkle (minor)

Camping Loves

(Long) Description
Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry decide to invite their best friends (Jack Peanuts and Sunfall) on a trip, in "honor of their love". How could a situation harm Sunfall that way? She's going to have to resist the pression of having this couple all around her... But she can maybe get support from somepony.
Characters included
Sunfall, Jack Peanuts, Flash Sentry, Twilight Sparkle

Spring/Summer Prom 2014

(Short - Camping Loves sub-story) Description
Sunfall fainted when Tirek stole her magic... And ended up in a dress at the Summer Sun Celebration! She asks a random stallion to dance with her to hide from Flash and Twilight. They end up being good friend and telling eachother about their lives.
Characters included
Sunfall, Dr Radical, Flash Sentry (background), Twilight Sparkle (background)

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