Ask Sugar Cloud
Sugar cloud
Ask Sugar Cloud tumblr
Owner BiscuitMango
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created November 2011
Main Character(s) Sugar Cloud
Supporting Character(s) Custard
Connected With TheBronyAnswers, Sunray Smiles

Ask Sugar Cloud is a SFW drawn-response OC pony blog run by BiscuitMango . The pictures are drawn using Paint Tool SAI.

About Sugar CloudEdit


Sugar Cloud and Custard


Sugar Cloud is a pegasus pony who lives with her family in Trottingham. She's a bit shorter than most ponies her age.


Sugar Cloud is an extremely shy and timid pony who prefers being alone to being with a lot of ponies, which makes it difficult to get to know her. However, she does enjoy company from time to time, as long as it's someone she's very close to. However, once you get through that shell, she's one of the kindest ponies you'll ever meet.

Cutie Mark 2.0

Sugar Cloud's Cutie Mark

Special Talent/Cutie markEdit

Sugar Cloud's talents include brewing a wide variety of coffee, and baking various kinds of pastries, such as scones, cookies, and macaroons. It is unknown what skills she posseses beyond that, if any, as they haven't been revealed.


Nothing is yet known about Sugar Cloud's past, and her cutie mark story remains a mystery.




Custard is Sugar Cloud's pet cockatiel, who she apparantly grew up with. Its origin is unknown. It occasionally appears alongside Sugar Cloud, and does not seem to have much personality as of yet.

Sweet ToothEdit

Recent updates imply that the shy pegasus has an unsatiable sweet tooth, as shown here , where her three square meals were shown to be three square bags of sugar, and here , where it's revealed that she has a small jar of cookies hidden away.


In one update, Sugar Cloud was revealed to have feelings for somepony. Later on, she was shown holding a photo, saddened by the fact that she was too shy to say anything to them, but the photo itself was never revealed, leaving it a mystery. Some believe it to be Sunray Smiles.

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