Ask Spike Da Dragon
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Ask Spike Da Dragon tumblr
Blog type Ask a Question
Status Inactive
Main Character(s) Spike
Supporting Character(s) Twilight Sparkle and other MLP Characters

Created in the middle of December of 2011, Ask Spike Da Dragon is an Ask blog on Tumblr that attempts to answer questions provided by visitors of the site from the perspective of Spike the Dragon, who is a character from the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


The blog typically consists of the usual procedure when it comes to how an Ask blog runs on Tumblr. A person may send in a question through the Ask page on the blog, then the question may be answered by the moderator through the perspective of Spike the Dragon. The blog however tries to stay in coordination with the show, yet build on Spike's personality and character in ways that still go in line with what the original source material has in place. While there is a focus on nonsensical humor like many other blogs, there is also a smaller focus on storytelling and harboring a lesson within some responses. Other characters from the show also make appearances, along with other Tumblr blogs and completely unrelated external franchises making cameos as well.

Spike's responses are mostly in a "comic" form using the Photo function on Tumblr, yet some entries may range from animated GIF's, full-blown animated productions and/or computer/video games. The blog is also prone to some artistic and writing experimentation, which was stated in an interview with the artist about this blog.

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