Ask Spiiike
Ask Spiiike tumblr
Owner Kweaks
Status Active
Date Created November 2011
Main Character(s) Spiiike
Supporting Character(s) Twiiiliiight Sparkle

Ask Spiiike is an ask blog about Spike that was created in November of 2011, though it didn't begin to frequently update until the following December. Nicknamed by the creator as "That Other Spike Blog".



Spiiike is the main character of the blog. His personality differs from that of canonical Spike in that he is older and has a more seasoned, pessimistic outlook on life. His personality changes from time to time, but these traits seem to be a constant. His mood has changed from expressive to depressive and back without any real pattern. This can be related to the fact that the blog doesn't seem to follow a specific storyline, or even attempt to stay within its own universe.

Twiiiliiight SparkleEdit

Twiiiliiight Sparkle (Named by going along with the three 'i's in Spiiike) made an appearance in a late March post of Ask Spiiike. In the post, she speaks like Paddy Tanninger the Caddy Manager from the TV show Family Guy. She has not made any appearances since.

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