Ask Solar and Windy
Ask Solar and Windy tumblr
Owner asdflove(DA
Blog type Ask Blog
Status New
Date Created 6/23/2012
Main Character(s) Solar Dash and Windy Chaser
Supporting Character(s) Too many to list
Connected With NO ONE

The descrition it has says alot about this blog.

I'm Windy! Windy Chaser me and my sister are here to answer your questions! Solar! Get out here! ...Windy, you are a dweeb. Uggg. Hi there. Me and my wacky sister are the daughters of the two awesomsest Wonderbolts, Rainbow dash and Soarin'. Me and Windy are both destined to be on the team. Even if Windy is a Ditz. HAY! I can still hear you!

With this, it seems like it will be a amusing light hearted blog, for to sister that seem to be foils to each other.

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