Soaring Heart, the Pony Therapist

This page is about the Tumblr Pony OC blog, The Pony Therapist.

Behind the BlogEdit

This blog is the mod's main blog, and contains posts and reblogs pertaining to her interests, but she does answer questions both in and out of character.

Soaring HeartEdit


Soaring Heart makes a house call to check on Bed

Soaring Heart is a pegasus pony from Ponyville.  She works as a therapist, and is usually depicted wearing glasses, and her mane done up in a bun.

She is in a relationship of sorts with another pegasus by the name of Bedhead.


Ugh lovers1

Soaring Heart and Java Tales in Canterlot Gardens

Soaring Heart's artwork is done by Bedhead (mentioned in the last section).

There is also a minor crossing over with Java Tales' Adventures.

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