Smoking Aces
Part of the opening scene to the prelude of the backstory


Story, Noir, Music

Date Created

March 24-25

Primary Character

Smokin Aces [Ace Farlane], Jac

Secondary Characters

James and Joyce Farlane, Osiria Rose, Rex Crest, Davvish 'Jack' Fustibus


Smoking Aces is bitter, cynical, and maneless pony who's past is shrouded in mystery. His cutiemark is large ace of spades, similar to the one on his neck. He is almost never seen without a cigar and has a taste for 40s and 50s jazz.


The theme of the blog is an albeit weak attempt at a noir style. Most noticable is the fact that most if not all of the art is in black and white and tends to use dramatic shots when the time calls for it. One overarcing theme that hasn't been shown yet is the four card signs, the spade, club, heart, and daimond.


As a part of in keeping with the theme of the blog, the mod added jazz to it and occasionally posts it. It in no way follows a specific importance to the story and is only there for newcomers and the people who enjoy it.

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