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Main Character(s) Skyheart Lovesong
Supporting Character(s) Gallifrey Lovesong, Love Letters
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Skyheart Lovesong is an OC pony living in Ponyville with her young daughter Gallifrey and her roommate Diamondback. She works as a Consulting Legal Advisor, a title she invented to describe her job of helping ponies settle their differences outside of court. She answers any and all questions, whether pertaining to her own life or not, and does not, so far, have a clear story arc. However, stories are often hinted

Photo 2

A hint of a story of the relationship between Skyheart and her friend Love Letters.

Skyheart considers herself a party pony about 98.76% of the time. She is capable of being completely serious, however, when the well being of her friends or daughter is brought into question. Her special talent is helping other ponies work through their problems, but, when confronted with her own emotions or problems, Skyheart is easily upset and quick to turn a small argument into a fight.

More of Skyheart's character and life will be revealed as her story continues.


Little has been revealed of Skyheart's history. When asked, she said she grew up "[in]A city. Kinda far away. You’ve probably never heard of it.” When asked about her daughter, she said "... it's a long story. Very… wibbly." When prompted further about her history, she will offer some sort of distraction or subject change. She mentioned that the worst trouble she has ever gotten into "... involved Vaseline, time travel, and a serious case of mistaken identity." She was once seen running from Daleks with Doctor Whooves, and later hiding with him in his TARDIS. This, and the name of her daughter suggest that she may have had a relationship with the Doctor. It is later directly stated that the Doctor is Gallifrey's father, and that he and Skyheart are "friends." However, he is rarely, if ever, mentioned, and Skyheart is assumed to be a single mother. Early in the blog's posts, Gallifrey's design was that of a small brown foal with a pink mane, and was later changed (suggesting that she has regenerated ) to a slightly older red filly with a light red mane and an orange sock. This new design more resembles the planet that is the filly's namesake. The filly is occasionally mentioned, and once answered questions for her mother while Skyheart was in Canterlot on business. She speaks in a British dialect, while her mother's speech patterns are American.

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