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Go ahead and ask whatever you want to one of the rising artists of Equestria, Sketch.
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Status Active
Date Created 7/22/12
Main Character(s) Sketch

Ask Sketchie is a digitally drawn ask blog about a pegasus named Sketch. He's an artist who has been traveling across Equestria to find his perfect place of inspiration. His search led him to Ponyville, which turned out to be plentiful of inspiration because of the constant craziness. It is now his home for what could possibly be forever


Sketch: Sketch mostly has a calm personality. He 's not easily angered and is quite the wisecracker. He also loves to party which is why he is good friends with Pinkie Pie. He was also in the same flight camp as Rainbow Dash, so he knew her already before he came to Ponyville. He also thinks kind of logically and sometimes questions Pinkie, which we all know in meaningless . His job is his art studio called Sketch's Pad, which is also his house. He is currently becoming well known in the artist world of Equestria. Not too popular, just well known.


  • Sketch has a fear of surprises
  • Sketch thinks he a ladies colt until he's flat out rejected
  • Sketch has a policy to not date friends
  • Sketch got his cutie mark from the first sonic rainboom
  • Sketch is an excellent dancer
  • Sketch is a kung-fu master
  • Trixie is his ex-girlfriend
  • Sketch likes to do sketch art more than painting

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