Skerp Derp is a silly blog about a poorly drawn Spike dealing with other poorly drawn ponies in his post

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apoctolyptic world! Twylite is a satanist. Flutashoy is a stoner. Raynboo Dosh is a cocaine addict. Rurity is a pony with rather large breasts. Peenkie Pai is a pony with a large and vainy head. And Appol Jak is a drunk! So basically skerp is a slave to twylite but, he got to answer questions with her permission! Skerp Figures are sometimes made when another pony's oc is drawn in the way of skerp. Some popular pony blogs are drawn this way.

Skerp Derp
Needs tumblr link
Owner Ian Wilson
Blog type Ask
Status Inactive
Main Character(s) Skerp, twilite
Supporting Character(s) Peenkie Pai, Rainboo Dosh, Flutashoy, Rurity, Appoljak

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