Sir Lintalot, also goes by Lints and Linty.

"Good day avid reader, Mr Turnip here to keep you up to speed on things." - Mr Turnip

Us in a NutshellEdit

This is a drawn blog run by a humble Clone Trooper, It features ( alongside a rather dashing and super awesome turnip based individual ) the background character Sir Lintalot from the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode: Party of One (Season 1, episode 25.) The blog initially only featured Sir Lintalot but as time passed the other 3 background characters; Rocky, Madame Le FLour and Mr Turnip ( yours truly~ ) also made their home in the same blog. along with these 'canon' characters is also an OC of sorts named Steve, who is Sir Lintalot's personal (and often overlooked/ignored/invisible) escort, a ball of sentient lint.

From Linty to PonyEdit


hooray for anon magic

Originally Sir Lintalot and his friends were (in the blog) as they appeared in the show, inanimate objects brought to life by one of the show's mane six (pun intended) characters, Pinkie Pie. However as time passed and questions were asked and answered Sir Lintalot became a pony by means of 'Anon magic' In time a more potent form of 'Tumblr magic' Turned the remaining 3 into ponies as well.

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