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Main Character(s) Princess Yue

Ask ShimmerMist is a blog about Princess Yue, the princess of Kirins, who has been exiled from Ponasia. Since her family was associated with Zacora (non-cannonically of course) she chose to move to Ponyville where there would be at least one familiar face. The reason of her exile is yet to be revealed on this brand new blog and will added to the about section afterward. Ask ShimmerMist is a drawn ask and role-play blog

ShimmerMist (Princess Yue)Edit

While moving to Poneyville, Yue decides to go by the name ShimmerMist as an attempt to fit in, though she has a chinese-sounding accent. She is a Kirin (Qilin), which are Asian unicorns that are a mix of dragon, unicorn, and deer. Most are drawn to look more dragon-like and many have branch-like horns or horns that start wide and end thin with a forward curve. Yue happens to change colors at dawn, dusk, and whenever she is in an intense emotional state. This is because the royal Kirin family was chosen to help Luna and Celestia raise the sun and moon in the Eastern hemisphere. Before her exile, yue was to marry the dragon prince and take on her mother's duty of raising the sun and moon. Ponasia still considers Celestia and Luna the Sun and Moon godess respectively, and have their own festivals where the princesses perform their duties in a public show.


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