Ask Shift Key
Ask Shift Key tumblr
Owner Erthilo (deviantART)
Blog type Ask
Status Deleted
Date Created 3rd November 2012
Main Character(s) Shift Key

Just a unicorn working in the server farms of the ponynet!

Ask Shift Key is an ask-driven comedy blog based around the titular pony, a blue unicorn with a working computer terminal as his cutie mark.

...Yeah. This blog should not be taken too seriously.

The artist for the blog is the talented Erthilo, who is better known for his (slightly) more serious blog Ask Octavia.

During a depressive episode, Erthilo unfortunately deleted everything.[1]


Shift's most defining feature has to be the terminal in his flank. From what little we have seen of it, the terminal appears to be out of his control, is able to hear Tumblr asks, and seems to be plotting Shift's imminent demise. It's probably nothing to worry about.

When we were initially introduced to Shift, he was an Earth pony; for no particular reason (barring cuteness) he gained a unicorn horn in the third post and has referred to himself as a unicorn ever since. Whether he will continue to gain new body parts and turn into a draconequus by the end of the blog is anyone's guess.

Interblog LinksEdit

  • Shift Key narrowly avoided having his shiny CDs stolen by Pirate Dash in one early post.

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