Ask Scootoaster
Ask Scootoaster tumblr
Owner Ditto Pryce, alias Ditto Prize
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created September 28th, 2012
Main Character(s) Scootoaster (Scootaloo)
Supporting Character(s) Sweetieblender (Sweetiebelle)

Wafflebloom (Applebloom)

"As long as I'm in this body, I will never be seen as a real person." - Scootoaster on being "just a piece of equipment".

Ask Scootoaster is an at first glance bizarre but humoristic blog about a toaster (that appears to have the personality of the little filly Scootaloo) and its daily antics.



Instead of hoping to achieve its cutiemark, it's just there to do what it was designed for: making lots and lots of toast... and answer questions. Every now and then, Scootoaster laments about being treated as nothing more than a little kitchen appliance. The mod has confirmed this is intentionally drawing parallels to the EMH from the TV series Star Trek Voyager. At times, Scootoaster even seems to suggest there was a time when it was not a toaster, suggesting there is more to the machine's origin than it just being an artificial intelligence.

Other CharactersEdit


Other characters include Wafflebloom (a waffle iron with a personality like Applebloom) and Sweetieblender (a blender with a personality like Sweetiebelle). Both are only side characters and appear to be rather unimportant to the blog. Sweetieblender does appear noticably more often than Wafflebloom. This is because Wafflebloom was only added after the blog's owner was pestered into creating her as the blog originally only had Sweetieblender.

Blog's OriginEdit

Originally a parody (and practical joke on the mod) of AskScootabot, the blog wasn't meant to exist for more than a week or so. However, with hundreds of followers on the first few days, the mod decided that thelittle appliance was here to stay.


  • Scootoaster has a strong dislike for tacos.
  • When told to time travel, a future Scootoaster came by to explain that that patch wasn't out yet.
  • Scootoaster is powered by something, but nobody knows by what. The answer is different every time someone asks.
    • Several answers include being powered by a miniature nuclear reactor, a simple power cord, and even a Chubby on a treadmill.

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