A terrible blog with an outdated theme and an insane mod.

Ask Santalestia is a a NSFW draw blog about a very... special member of the Royal Family.


Felize Navida Sr. (AKA Santalestia) is the deranged family member of Celestia. From a young age, she has been unable to fly or cast regular spells, and instead channeled her focus into Ponydroids, robots modeled to emulate ponies. Naturally, she created 5 and married all of them. She is also seen with her (cloned) daughter, Felize Navida Jr.


SantaCorp produces most of the presents and actively invests into Santa's extracurricular activities, like the popular Death Toll Park and her new attraction-in-progress, Vocational Death Cruise.


Santa is terrible at just about everything, including parenting and being Santa. She is inexplicibly good at making robots, however, and it is said that her Ponydroids wander among the townsfolk, unsuspectingly.

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