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Blog type Ask, NSFW
Status Active
Date Created January 2013
Main Character(s) Running Riot
Connected With Midnight Spark

 This is a blog about a green stallion who has traded his soul to the devil, in order to be brought back to life. Now he has nearly gone insane with his power, and usually needs to be helped by his friends and those who care.


Occasionally art will be uploaded, usually done on a Bamboo Pen tablet, using PaintTool SAI, Photoshop, or GIMP. The art is not the best, usually why it is so rarely uploaded. Every now and then there will be a short, random drawing to let out some feelings.

Character BiographyEdit

He lives on his own, getting into fights easily (mostly with his brother, Midnight Spark) and rarely calling people, he kind of just likes his hair spikey and in front of his face, and when someone looks at him funny he'll always get in their face and pick a fight. Due to his "Death" 2 years ago, he has been a demon, so no matter what fight he gets into, he'll win, either way. He tends to be rebellious, often drinking. 

  • Name - Running Riot
  • Nickname - Running, Riot, Demon boy
  • Age - 17
  • Birthday - November 18, 1995
  • Mane color - Black
  • Coat color - Green
  • Eye color - Blue
  • Cutie Mark - Running Riot medal (From halo)

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