Ask Ruby Rue
Ask Ruby Rue tumblr
Owner littlerubyrue
Blog type ask blog
Status active
Date Created 19-8-2013
Main Character(s) Ruby Rue
Supporting Character(s) Roxy Rags, Rosy Rain, nameless pony
Connected With Prickly Pete

About Edit

Ruby rue is a 20 year old earth pony living in Ponyville. Here she has her Hair saloon where she works creating awesome hairstyles for other ponies! But that is not all she does, for she also secretly collects left over hair to create mustaches with. After a few years of collecting she has mustaches made out of the hair from almost all the ponies in town.

Appearance Edit

Ruby has a light brown/beige coat with copper hair, she sports a bob line with two long strands of hair at the front and a lose pluck on top of her head, her eyes are a light blue and her tail is short and curvy. Her cutie mark is a mustache with a monocle

Past and Family Edit

Ruby has two sisters, Roxy Rags and Rosy Rain, Roxy being the oldest followed by Rosy and then Ruby.

Her family consists of mainly pegasy, Ruby being the oddball out, this has greatly distraught her and is what caused her to leave her family home for Ponyville. Roxy and Rosy however will not let go of their sister so easily however and will still pop in from time to time to hassle their little sibling.

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