Ask Roulette Wheel
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Ask Roulette Wheel tumblr
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created April 2013
Main Character(s) Roulette Wheel

Ask Roulette Wheel is a tumblrpony ask blog, allowing tumblr users to ask questions. It revolves around the life of an OC, but canon characters are commonly referenced.



Roulette is an ex casino manager promoted to a high up position within the Party Brothers Casino Company. He has no real story arcs at this point, and answers to questions are the only drawings on the blog.


Roulette is the manager of the Venus Casino, a casino/hotel in Las Pegasus. However, he has never been able to get it running, and his adventures center around his and/or Charade's adventures trying to get the casino out of debt.

Backstory Edit

Roulette lived in Appleloosa, and his father owned a bar there. His bar was bought out by a "casino company" 14 years prior to the events of the blog, which later became the Party Brothers Company. Roulette was hired, and worked several different jobs over the years, as a dealer, pit boss, and later assistant manager. He has a closet full of ties, probably all red. At one point in his life, he tried to ask out OutofWorkDerpy to the pony prom, but was thwarted by Storm Surge. One could also argue that the first plot of the blog is the future, when Roulette is promoted, and the entire blog is his back-story.

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