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Ask Rob Stallion is a Tumblr Ask Account concentrating on Rob Stallion, the jack-of-all trades that carries determination, compassion and a whole lot of will.

Rob StallionEdit

Rob Stallion is an Earth Pony that actually came from the human world. He arrived as the result of an accident as an experiment gone bad forced Robert Light into the land of Ponyville. To make matters worse, he caught amnesia. However, fate would step in having him encounter the one pony he never thought he'd meet. That pony was Pinkie Pie and since that encounter, he was able to settle down working at Sweet Apple Acres. But it didn't stop there for due to his expertise, he became a freelancer using his skills to help anypony in need. But even though he enjoyed this life, he begins to have feelings for the first pony he ever met. After a year of adventure as well as telling his new friends the bitter truth, he confronted his nemesis named Wily the Wabbit at the Grand Galloping Gala. An intense battle ensued with the mad rabbit on the verge of victory after Rob took the full force of his attack in the hopes of saving his friends. What happened then triggered his Elemental powers allowing him to not only gain new powers but also separate himself from his human half. Together with the help of the Mane Six, they all combined their powers and defeated Wily once and for all. However, the issue remained with that of Wily and with the assistance of his human half and Princess Celestia, they sent Wily back where he came from. But the issue remained with Pinkie Pie and he confronted her. Despite everything that happened, Pinkie still had feelings for him and to cement this, the two kissed symbolizing their newfound relationship. When the time did came, Rob made his choice and that was to stay in Ponyville with his new friends. Robert saw the will in his heart and left things in his hands ending this in a brohoof and both sides leave on good terms. Since then, Rob has become a hero to the eyes of everyone and his new purpose in life is to help anypony and everypony in anyway possible. With his friends by his side, he knows that a new beginning is on the horizon.

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