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The main pony of the blog, Rip Current.

Ask Rip Current is a MLP based Tumblr ask blog run by the Tumblr user HollyJollyPony (also known for running the Ask Neuro and Yako ask blog and the Neuyakoftw as side blogs on her main blog).

The blog follows the life of a lifeguard Earth pony who adores the sea and all things aquatic. At the moment, it is only RC (nickname) that is shown but other ponies are rumored to be presented, making the blog not soley based on RC himself but a group of ponies.

As of right now, the blog's is on Hiatus due to health reasons.

Rip CurrentEdit

Rip Current is a earth pony who's main job is a lifeguard, making sure ponies are playing it safe in the water at pools, the beach, and at many other places he's called to duty. While on the job he is quite serious and doesn't take horsing around in the water lightly but off duty, he's known to be quite a party pony, running around and playing in the water as much as the other ponies.

His main hobbies include surfing, swimming and free diving (diving without any gear at all). His life is surrounded by his aquatic hobbies basically, even resorting to just hanging in his tub when the water is too cold. His cutie mark resembles waves though a story on how he obtained it has yet to be seen. Any other background information is not known or shown at this time.

Partaken EventsEdit

Pony PromEdit

It's been confirmed that Rip Current may partake in the ongoing event known as the My Little Pony Tumblr Prom. It has been stated in a conversation with Dremmet ( Askdremmet ) that he has asked somepony out though it it not stated who and if he or she said yes.


  • Rip Current's name can be shortened to the nickname, RC.
  • Stated in a question asked by Rip Current himself to Carameladvice, it is stated that in fact RC has family, cousins to be exact, that exist.
  • When asked what the best part about being a lifeguard, "Well there's a bunch of radical reasons why. The pay, being close to the water...*sigh* I think the best thing of all is making sure everypony is safe." was his answer, clearly showing his dedication to his job.
  • Supplied by Pia Ikea (askikeapony ), a rack of surfing boards is currently in his possession.
  • He tends to have the lingo of a stereotypical surfer or beach guy, using words like, "radical", "wicked", "tubular" and other words.

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