Riko from Ask Riko

Ask Riko is a strict draw blog that was made by the online user Trandescent on November 30th, 2011. Ask Riko is an ask blog that the owner Michael uses to improve his ability to draw and divulge himself into creating digital artwork.

Riko is an earth pony OC who was designed and drawn during the summer of 2011. Riko was originally the OC for Michael to use on the /chat/ section of ponychan but was evolved much further to become the ask blog that is still being updated today. Riko's cutie mark is a gameboy and his special talent is his exceptional knowledge of video games and his ability to play them. He is also the owner of a game shop called "Gametron" which provides all the local residents of Ponyville with any video games that they are interested in.

Riko is an original character that was based on his creator, Michael. Michael, outside of tumblr, plays competitively for games such as Tribes: Ascend, Team Fortress 2 and Quake Live. Since Michael wanted an OC that would accurately portray himself, Riko was made to be the ponified version of himself.

You can find Ask Riko at


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