Ask Reika/ The Howling Timberwolf
Ask Reika tumblr
Owner DankoDeadZone
Blog type Image
Status Active
Main Character(s) Reika
Supporting Character(s) Charlie the Tentacle Monster,
Connected With Ask Luna & Venom

The character was introduced inside the mod's tumblr,to have some entertaining more than just asking questions to DankoDeadZone.

Reika is a grumpy OC that owns a comic books shop in Canterlot called "The Howling Timberwolf ".

(The Tumblr can be NSFW)

Reika's PastEdit


Reika seems to be always angry,not showing a lot of emotions. She admitted that she doesn't really have a sex life anymore,or a social life, because she prefers to be alone in her shop. Despite that, she likes soft BDSM, especially to be the Dominatrix.

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