Ask Raini and Sapphire
Ask Raini and Sapphire tumblr

Blog type Ask/OC
Status Active
Main Character(s) Raini and Sapphire
Supporting Character(s) Taylor Gamer, Blue Razz, Teddy, Satin Song

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Raini and Sapphire are young mares and close friends who live together in an apartment in West Canterlot. Raini is an aspiring zoologist with a brown paw cutie mark and Sapphire is a singer/songwriter with an overlapping pencil and music note cutie mark.


Sapphire on the left Raini on the right

Sapphire is a light gray palomino unicorn with Sapphire blue spots, brown mane,  and green eyes while Raini is an orange unicorn with freckles and brown eyes. Her dark blue mane has light and bright blue natural highlights.

What's known so far:Edit

Well this blog is fairly new, but Sapphire was abandoned as a young foal and lived on the streets. She became best friends with Raini in Magic Kindergarden. She hung around their house a lot and even refers to Raini's mom, Satin Song, as her own, which works because they both have lovely musical talents. It was actually Satin who helped Sapphire get her own cutie mark. One last thing to know, Raini recently found out she has severe scoliosis and will have to undergo a surgery for it.


Sapphire's Mom She has tattoos on her arm

Raini's mom is a little like a hippie and has tattoos on her arm. her tattoo is music notes with a salute of a songbird in front of it.

This blog is still young, and the owner is hoping to incorporate Supernatural into it, maybe the guys being thrown into the pony verse on accident. However, she is hoping to get feedback from her followers before she does that.

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