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"20% Cooler Parties in 10 Seconds Flat!"

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Ask, Drawn

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September, 2011

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Rainbow Pie

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Ask Rainbow Pie is a drawblog focusing mostly on the titular character but occasionally features her friends, both from Tumblr and her home universe of amalgam ponies. Contrary to popular belief, she is -not- a simple mix of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, nor is she their child. Questions are answered with a mix of non-canon, meme referencing responses, as well as canon answers.


One of the fastest fliers ever to come out of Cloudsdale, Rainbow Pie is powered by pure parties! Hailing from Equestria-9602, she accidentally was transported to Equestria Prime through a portal her friend Diamond Sparkle accidentally created with her ponynet connection.

During her time in Equestria Prime, Rainbow Pie was able to meet both Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, racing the latter to see who was fastest. Despite her speed, Rainbow Pie was no match for her counterpart and was quite literally blown out of the sky during the race. Ever the optimist, however, Rainbow Pie decided that someday, she and Dash would have a rematch after she’d trained more, vowing to be her equal.

While she may be fast, Rainbow Pie’s flying performances favor displays of acrobatics rather than raw speed. Her signature move is called the Party Popper, a move that involves bursting a raincloud while it is surrounded with her flight trail, creating a confetti like effect.

Rainbow Pie currently works as the official rainbow taste tester at the Cloudsdale weather factory, ensuring that each batch of liquid rainbow is properly prepared before it is spread across the Equestrian skies for everypony to enjoy!

Cutie MarkEdit

Rainbow Pie Cutie Mark

Rainbow Pie's cutie mark is a representation of her special talent, as is the case with all ponies, and that talent is high speed parties. She realized this was her calling when she was just a little filly in Cloudsdale. A good friend of her's from flight camp had been staying with Rainbow Pie's family while her parents were away on official weather patrol duty. During that stay, she received her cutie mark but wouldn't have anypony to celebrate the moment with. Rainbow Pie decided to take matters into her own hooves and flew back home to collect what little money she had saved up. In a multihued streak, she zipped from store to store, gathering all the supplies she could afford in the blink of an eye. It wasn't until the candle on the cupcake was being blown out that her friend noticed she wasn't the only one with cause for celebrating.

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