Ask Rainbow Dash and Daring-Do is a drawn canon-style Ask blog. Answers are posted by the artist of the blog, DrumblastingQuilava.

Ask Rainbow Dash and Daring-Do
Ask Rainbow Dash and Daring-Do tumblr
Blog type Ask, Drawn, Canon
Status Active
Date Created 6 February 2012
Main Character(s) Rainbow Dash, Daring-Do


The blog was created on 6 February 2012, shortly after the airing of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode "Read it and Weep", which was the first to feature the character Daring-Do.


The content is generally safe for work. The canon-style of the blog keeps it free of any obscene language. Since it is an Ask blog, all content consists purely of the artist's work.

Drawing StyleEdit

Due to his dislike of fanart styles, DrumblastingQuilava always draws in canon-style and tries to make everything look as if it were from the show. He has drawn numerous vectors of Rainbow Dash and Daring-Do, all in canon-style, which can be seen on his deviantART page.

Answer StyleEdit

Askdashanddo Answer

Rainbow Dash and Daring-Do's 27th answer. The rainbow text stands for Rainbow Dash, while the goldenrod, Daring-Do.

Answers are always posted in drawn form. The answer features text, which will be seen in a rainbow color if Rainbow Dash is speaking, and a goldenrod color if Daring-Do is speaking. The website address is always listed in the bottom-right hoof corner. On the Tumblr post, the answer is captioned by a note by either of the two, which is occasionally followed by an "Artist's Note", a small comment by the artist which may regard the question or other minor announcements.


  • Answers are posted every two to three days, depending on the artist's schedule.
  • DrumblastingQuilava publishes most, if not all, of his vectors on his deviantART page. All vectors can be used as long as proper credit is attributed to him.
  • The blog runs alongside the artist's friend's blog, both of who worked together on a previous Ask blog founded in late November of 2011 (which is no longer active) before splitting due to creative differences.

External LinksEdit

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