Ask Punzie Pony
Ask Punzie Pony tumblr
Owner Askrapunzelpony or Askpunziepony
Blog type Ask/Story/Command blog.
Status Active
Date Created December 2012
Main Character(s) Punzie (or Rapunzel)
Supporting Character(s) Celestia, Luna, the mane 6, other backround ponies

 Ask Punzie Pony (known as just Punzie and sometimes Rapunzel) is a pony ask blog that has evolved into a story blog, where the askers can give ideas and hints to aid Punzie along in her story. This is an OC pony, and not the Disney Rapunzel ponified. They do however, share a love of painting. The blog does not have any partner blogs at the moment, but may involve other blogs as sub plots, or mere humor filled encounters. The blog's plot has an overlying story to be followed, but the askers are needed to help Punzie out of situations and perhaps providing interesting twists for the pony character.

The main story follows Punzie, a mare with a pale gray coat and golden mane and tail that could be measured of considerable length. Punzie is trapped in a tower, with not much to entertain except her painting equiptment. Punzie loves painting, but will only paint beautiful things and never anything dark or scary. She does not have a cutie mark, and it seems that most of her memories were somehow stripped off her from the time she was imprisoned in her tower. She wants more than anything to escape and experience life at it's fullest once more, but she also wants to find out who she is. Or was.


Punzie always tries to have a cheery outlook on life, despite being a prisoner with no memories. Her mood can sometimes sink when she thinks about if she is a bad pony. Only bad ponies end up prisoners... right?

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