Ask Powder Fluff


being cyberbullied

Main Character(s)

Powder Fluff


divorced, still lives with mother


butter on/in everything,


stress, stress-inducing activities like answering messages

Related blogs

Ask Cyberbully Fluttershy (antagonist), Ask White Knight Twilight Sparkle (introduced during "Pony Summer Camp" story arc)

Also seen in:

"The Phantom Pain" trailer (eating helicopter at end of trailer)

Ask Powder Fluff is an ask blog where a pony is constantly harassed.

Her favorite snack food is 12 chocolate cakes stacked and covered in lard.


Ang ignore changes made by Fluttershy, who is clearly worst pony, but best ruiner.

And you know "the Ruiner ruins everything he sees".

Reasons to hate Powder Fluff, part 1Edit

Far too many for this page, click to expand!!!


Ask Powder Fluff is a foil to Ask Cyberbully Fluttershy. Her character is played up as an easy target in both her own universe, as a slightly overweight, easily tricked and angered mare, and in the Tumblrverse, as a vector-based colour swap of Pinkie Pie who looks awfully like Surprise. Powder Fluff is frequently caught out by Cyberbully Fluttershy's trolling, and in a parody of some Tumblr users, takes the whole thing far too seriously.

This very wiki has been useful in creating several updates, making a nice dual commentary on both wiki vandals and on the offended artists' corrections. As such, please keep real details about the wiki between the Out Of Character lines.


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