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Ask Pony James is an Ask Blog surrounding a pony named James.

He was a human but somehow stumbled into Equestria and turned into a pony. Despite being an Earth Pony, he has some abilities that would seem to be 'magic'. He can shape-shift and make other things shape-shift, but what happens usually depends on his mindset and emotions at the time. Princess Celestia believe that James can do such things in Equestria, and not on his home world, is due to a 'higher psyche' that he developed in his world. (James doesn't really believe it could be so simple, but he goes along with it anyway.) Some common shape shifting includes growing 4 spider legs from his back, (and using them) being able to control plants, and other things.

Right now he lives in the Everfree Forest (of which he morphed a tree into his home) and usually hangs out with Pinkie Pie. Despite the fact that a whole lot happened to him, he is kinda lazy on posting his adventures from when he first arrived in Equestria. However, he still plans to post them. He most likely just needs some type of motivation.

Characters So FarEdit


(Other than what was already said about him) James is a scrawny stallion , to the fact where most ponies wouldn't be able to tell his gender from a distance. He has a dark coat with an orange muzzle, a mane of lime-green with silver tips, and a tail of lime-green with a silver stripe in the middle. His eyes are blue and he doesn't have a cutie mark, despite his age.


Ask Pony James is done by Dark-ShadowSky

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