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Blog type Ask Blog
Status Inactive
Date Created December 15,2013
Main Character(s) Vinyl Scratch
Supporting Character(s) Octavia

Ask-pon3 is a story based askblog created by Sei  featuring a deaf Vinyl Scratch and how her "disability" affects her musically centered lifestyle.


Living with her dormate and childhood friend Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, a college student of The Manehatten University, specifically known for its reowned music programs, wakes up one day to have lost her hearing for reasons shrouded in mystery.


Vinyl Scratch / DJ-PON3Edit

First seen in the episode "Suited for Success" in the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Vinyl Scratch
Sweater love

Vinyl passionately proclaimg her love for sweaters

(or more commonly known as her stage name, DJ-PON3) has been center to multiple works by the MLP Community.  Her personality, having no specific "canon", has left the fans to open interpretation. 

This Vinyl has become deaf for a mysterious reason that none know about as of late. Her personality being easy-going and slightly eccentric. After becoming deaf she was forced to see music in a different light, though at first, she only saw her deafness as a curse but by the help of Octavia, she later realises that even though harder, her disability should be seen as an equal part of who she is and that no one can change the real her inside .

Vinyl has also been known to play the piano.

Octavia PhilharmonicaEdit

Octavia is a classy cello player studying with Vinyl in the University of Manehatten. Octavia had once stated

Octavia being nothing short of a sadist.

that she was childhood friends with Vinyl in Ponyville until she had to move to Manehatten for highschool while Vinyl had to stay in Ponyville.

Vinyl and Octavia are also meant to be dating as of late.


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