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The Banner and refs are drawn by the mod's Girlfriend, who also is one of his biggest sources of inspiration.

Ask Pilot Sky is an ask blog that follows a bat pony named Pilot Sky, and his crew, Diamond Hooves who is a unicorn and Void Surfer who is a mutated changeling.

For now are they replying to random asks during the weekends, and there are no plans for story arcs yet.

Please note that the artist is still learning how to draw, so he is using this blog to improve. That's why he started the blog.


Pilot SkyEdit

A Bat Pony with a metallic right hoof. He works as an airship inventor and mechanic, and his flag ship, Airship Raine, is his biggest creation. He is often seen flying his airship, mostly to keep the engines running and looking for adventures.

He studied at a school in Canterlot after finishing elementary school in Ponyville, and he have gotten quite far. He's almost never out alone.

Diamons HoovesEdit

A Unicorn who works with Pilot, serving as the man behind the helm. He is often with Pilot on adventures, and he knows his way around Equestria, just as well as Pilot does.

He originally came through a portal from another world, getting stuck when the portal closed behind him.

Void SurferEdit

She is a changeling who was exposed to energy from a rift when she hatched. This caused her to loose the ability to feed on love, so she feeds on energy from the rifts instead. She keeps the engine running onboard the airship, and she doens't mind that the other two are males.

She once served under Queen Chrysalis, but after a failure involving a big rift was she exiled until more recently, when she once again was contacted by the changelings.


  • The characters originally came from a Fanfic  written by the [Mod]
  • Both Pilot Sky and Diamond Hooves orginated from characters the [Mod] had in other fandoms
  • The [Mod] have never drawn MLP:FiM-related art before, so it's a new challenge for him

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