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Ask Pia Ikea is an ask blog about Pia Ikea, a Swedish Earth Pony with a talent for solving problems using modular furniture and associated life lessons.


Pia IkeaEdit

The main character. She has a light tan coat and a yellow and blue striped mane/tail. She has red-orange eyes, and her cutie mark is an Ikea logo.

When the blog began, she had just been transferred to Ponyville as a local representative of the Ikea company. Following a lengthy hiatus, she explains that the business has grown throughout Equestria, and that she has been named Chief Operating Officer. She now works out of the company headquarters in Canterlot, and wears a blue blazer, white shirt, brown scarf, and reading glasses.

Kia IkeaEdit

Pia's older sister by about four years, with the same general coloration. Her coat and the yellow portions of her mane/tail are slightly lighter than Pia's, and her eyes are magenta. In addition, her tail depicts a yellow cross on a blue background, the same pattern as the Swedish flag. Kia's cutie mark is the same as Pia's. Since the hiatus, she has become the head architect for all Ikea buildings and storefronts. According to Pia, Kia particularly enjoys the landscaping part of this job.

Maja IkeaEdit

Pia's cousin, daughter of Allan's brother Oluf and his wife Sophia. She also has a tan coat, but with a short-cut yellow mane and tail. She has blue eyes, and her cutie mark is an Ikea flat-pack box. She works at one of the company design shops, devising compact packages for the products.

Allan IkeaEdit

Pia's father, one of four children of Ingvar Ikea (company founder; nicknamed "Papa") and his wife Margaretha ("Mama").

Viola Ikea (nee Divine)Edit

Pia's mother. Her cutie mark is a set of theatrical masks. She and Allan met when he visited her on a door-to-door sales call.

Maude IkeaEdit

Pia's daughter, eight years old as of the blog's resumption. She has a yellow coat with teal-and-purple striped hair (same style as Pia). Her eyes are magenta, and she does not yet have a cutie mark. She has shown surprising aptitude with her Pleggo building blocks, and Pia has sent her to a summer program in Danemare for gifted builders.


Ask Pia Ikea is moderated by Doc Wario (deviantART)

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