Ask Orphan Family
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Owner Isabel Blanco
Blog type Ask, Story
Status Active
Main Character(s) Sunshine Blue, Chao Blitz, Tie-die Wonders

Hi I'm Sunshine Blue, along with my broter Chao Bliz and our adopted sister Tie-die Wonders!

   Ask Orphan Family is an ask/story blog featuring a pair of fraternal twins and their adopted sister who were all orphans. Sunshine Blue (the star) is a female alicorn at the age of 17, she has the triforce of wisdom and is ruler of her own kingdom, Equestrian Hyrule. She is very kind, cares for all ponies, and will protect the ones she loves, even if she might die. Chao Blitz is a male Pegasus (ignore the horn in the profile picture) at the age of 17 and is Sunshine's twin brother, for some reason he had never gotten a cutiemark and secretly has feelings or his adopted sister. He can be a bit schizophrenic at times, he will protect the ones he loves, and he always has his eyes slanted. Tie-die Wonders is a female unicorn (ignore the wings in the profile picture) at the age of 16 and is adopted, she has a multi color coat and by using her magic she can change at will. She can create an entire black and white storyboard into a colored animation, is very timid, and has strange magic.

   The blog is both drawn digitally and by hand

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