Ask Octavia
Ask Octavia tumblr
Owner Erthilo (deviantART)
Status Inactive
Main Character(s) Octavia
Connected With Ask DJ-P0N3

Ask Octavia, sometimes stylised as AskOctavia, is a drawn ask blog run by Erthilo, and features Octavia, as well as regular appearances from her bandmates, Pinkie Pie, and Vinyl Scratch.

Ask Octavia is one of the longest running blogs, originating from near the beginning of the tumblr pony community, and the first Octavia Ask Blog. The blog is over one year old as of the 8th of July 2012.[1]

On Febuary 1st, 2012, the blog was spotlighted on Equestria Daily, before regular tumblr spotlights became commonplace.[2]

The blog officially ended on March 4th, 2014.[3]

For some slightly more surreal fun by the same artist, see Ask Shift Key.


Octavia and the other characters are loosely based around their equivalents from the fan-fiction The Vinyl Scratch Tapes. However the blog combines aspects from other fan sources and the original show, often simultaneously.

The blog is done in traditional ask style, where anyone can submit a question and have it answered in drawn format. Previously, text responses were done, but were eventually phased out in favour of more drawn responses. Posting of music submissions was also done, but has decreased in frequency.

Story ArcsEdit

Tumblr lrqqbugSRo1qmah9bo5 1280

Octavia meeting Discord in her basement.

Tumblr lwa57y2I7d1qmah9bo4 1280

The consequences of cooking.

Occasionaly the blog switched to a more story based arc, which consists of the same ask style, but usually has a more consistent storyline.

The Discord ArcEdit

The Discord Arc began sometime after the original airing of The Return of Harmony episode. At the time, multiple tumblr blogs took on discorded personalities.

Ask Octavia also joined in, starting this arc with Octavia finding Discord in her basement and turning discorded.[4]

This culminated in the takeover of the (mostly) absent K-Colt building and it's near destruction, until stopped by Vinyl.

The Christmas ArcEdit

The Christmas Arc began around christmas time, and revolved around Vinyl accidentally burning down Octavia's house.[5]

After being subverted by Concerto and Symphony they trek to town only for a blizzard to stop them. This arc was cut short after a fairly long hiatus.



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