Ask Nimbus Dawning
Nimbus Dawning with her drink of choice: a pint of Guinness.
Ask Nimbus Dawning tumblr
Owner The Cumulonimbus
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created January 2014
Main Character(s) Nimbus Dawning
Supporting Character(s) To Be Confirmed

Ask Nimbus Dawning is an ask blog centered around the titular Nimbus: a blue and white, flightless pegasus that seems to spend all her days in the Gem and Dragon pub, drinking and being cranky.


While the blog has just started out, its author The Cumulonimbus has stated that it will mainly focus on Nimbus, her pet fruit bat Gwennythe, and will be totally safe for work. While it will be safe for work, the author has stated that there will be a somewhat more realistic (though lighthearted) slant to Nimbus's binge drinking.

Current stateEdit

The blog has just started out as of January 2014. The Cumulonimbus acknowledges that he/she will be updating regularly, though "not as quickly as I'd like [...] being a beginner at art and photoshop in general".

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