Ask Nightraxx and Roaring Rhythm
Ask Nightraxx and Roaring Rhythm tumblr
Owner Nightraxx, Roaring Rhythm
Blog type Ask, Music, Art
Status Active
Date Created 29. April 2013
Main Character(s) Nightraxx, Roaring Rhythm

Ask Nightraxx and Roaring Rhythm is an ask blog run by DJ Ponies Nightraxx and Roaring Rhythm. They both release My Little Pony-related and Original Music, which is mostly produced in the Genre of Trance or Hardstyle.

Nightraxx also is a digital Artist, who sometimes does Requests for Tumblr followers or requests issued to him on MLP Forums. Here is their Request Thread.

They upload their Music mostly on their respective Youtube Channels. Most MLP Remixes are uploaded on Roaring Rhythm' YT and Nightraxx uploads his music on his own YT Channel.

OC BackgroundsEdit

Roaring RhythmEdit

Roaring Rhythm was born in Manehattan and lived there until she became about 12, where she got bored with the high society life, since she thought the Ponies there didn't know how to really Party, where she started traveling around Equestria. She was an accomplished and professional DJ by the time she was 14.

Now Roaring Rhythm plays in Clubs all over Equestria, mostly with her Friend and fellow DJ Nightraxx. They both are popular in the Nightclubs of Manehattan, Baltimare and Los Pegasus.

She discovered her love for Music, especially Electronical Music when she still was a filly.

Through Music she also met her now-best-friend Nightraxx, who also shares the same love for Music and Passion to make people happy by playing.


Nightraxx was originally born in a dark small town near Hollow Shades, but as he grew, he quicky became annoyed with Small town life and so his family moved to nearby Manehattan.

That's where he really became fascinated with city nightlife and the Night itself. He also llked to create and play Music as long as he can remember. But one reason he finally became a musician, was because of a tragic event in his school time. By the time he finished Highschool, he already was a reknowned DJ in Manehattan.

Through his passion for Music and playing in Manehattan Clubs, he also met his now-best-friend Roaring Rhythm, with whom he now runs an own Label and travel all around Equestria, mostly in the Nightclubs of Manehattan, Baltimare and Los Pegasus to make people dance and party with their Music.

Their Cutie MarksEdit

Roaring RhythmEdit

A speaker, which stands for her love Musical passion. (And her having become a DJ)


Crucifix, he got this Cutie Mark, because he was always fascinated by the night and the Dark.

Extra ImagesEdit


Fanart by Detective Rarity

Night & RR by Nathan Broken Horn(Pinkiepieness)

by Nathan Broken Horn

NIght & RR by Spectrumrain

by Spectrum Rain

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