Neon Sky
[ Ask Neon Sky tumblr]
Owner neonmodart
Blog type OC (original character)
Status Active
Date Created February 28th
Main Character(s) Neon Sky
Supporting Character(s) Zany Zipper, Pawprint

 Neon is a short, bright yellow pegasus mare with bright pink eyes and blue and purple hair that she ties up in a ponytail normally. She is 15 years old.

She is a british pony who lives in ponyville, but she was born in Manehatten. She moved when she was 3 years old because (reasons not yet revealed on blog.)

Neon is a reasonable weight, but she is short like her father, Banberry.

Cutie MarkEdit

Neon's cutie mark is a paintbrush painting a rainbow, and she got it (notrevealed). Her talent is painting beautiful pictures of the sky, though she is very modest and would never call herself good. She frequently travels to Manehatten and Torttingham for art shows.

The BlogEdit

This blog is owned by an 11-year old girl who's name is not mentioned. She uses MS Paint and to make the art seen on the blog.


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