Ask Nanaki
Ask Nanaki tumblr
Owner Wolf Nanaki
Status Active
Date Created March 13, 2012
Main Character(s) Nanaki
Supporting Character(s) Mr. Cosmo, Blossom Breeze, various background ponies
Connected With Ask Scarlet Rose

Ask Nanaki is an ask- and story-based blog draw blog.


Ask Nanaki takes place at the Hubble Planetarium on the outskirts of Hoofington. The blog is run by Nanaki, who created it to help promote the planetarium while describing his daily life and work. It will gradually move in a more story-based direction.



Nanaki is an earth pony who grew up in Manehattan, in an all-unicorn family of his parents and three brothers. As almost every important pony in his life has been a unicorn, Nanaki has a bit of insecurity of being an earth pony. He's polite and helpful, but often tries to do things better left for unicorns. He mainly does odd jobs around the Planetarium, but often has to fill in for Blossom Breeze. He lives on the third floor of the Planetarium, in a room that was previously a storage room. His cutie mark is a scroll with a pen.

Mr. CosmoEdit

An elderly blue unicorn, Mr. Cosmo runs the Planetarium. He's fussy, loud and forgetful, and often takes his frustration out on Nanaki. While incredibly talented in magic, he can barely walk anymore, and instead prefers to float around on a cloud stolen from Cloudsdale. He wears a black cloak on at all times, obscuring his cutie mark.

Blossom BreezeEdit

An as of yet unseen character, Blossom Breeze is a unicorn who works at the Planetarium. She serves as a tour guide for guests and runs the Stargazer, a massive star projection room. However, she slacks off and spends most of her time chatting with her coltfriend, leaving Nanaki to fill in for her.

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