Ask Movie Slate
Ask Movie Slate tumblr
Owner James Corck Mod Blog:
Blog type Ask Blog
Status Active
Date Created March 24, 2012
Main Character(s) Movie Slate
Supporting Character(s) Cotton Bucket

Guest Appearances

Ask Movie Slate is an ask blog whose title character runs the only movie theater in Ponyville. She began with only one film in her inventory (the educational film featured in the Friendship Is Magic episode "Hurricane Fluttershy"), only for it to be accidentally destroyed by Spike when she lent it out. Readers are now invited to "donate" their favorite movies to the cinema, and Movie Slate gives her opinion of them through a combination of drawn and text responses. Characters from both the show and other Tumblr blogs make guest appearances from time to time.


Movie SlateEdit

The cinema owner. She is a white unicorn mare with sepia-toned eyes and a cutie mark of a movie clapper board. Instead of hair, her mane and tail consist of lengths of motion picture film that display important moments from her life. Her horn is considerably longer than that of the average unicorn. She loves marshmallows and has a crush on Rarity, and her favorite movie is Aliens.

Her father served as film editor on the movie Spike destroyed, and it was the only thing she had to remember him by. For Hearth's Warming Eve in 2013, a fresh copy was donated to the cinema, an act that touched her deeply.

Cotton BucketEdit

Movie's cousin and occasional partner in movie-watching mayhem, Cotton loves all types of theater snacks. She is a pale yellow earth pony mare with green eyes, and she has a bright pink mane and tail that she wears in ringlets. Her cutie mark shows a popcorn bucket full of cotton candy. 

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