Mimi Mendheart

Ask Mimi Mendheart
Ask Mimi Mendheart tumblr
Owner Mihari
Blog type Text/Advice (With some images credited to Generalzois ponymaker)
Status Active
Main Character(s) Mimi Mendheart
Supporting Character(s) Disello


Ask Mimi Mendheart is an advice blog that also follows the life of Mimi Mendheart, A therapist Unicorn living in Trottingham. She seems to have a few problems of her own but shrugs them off for the sake of helping the emotionally troubled. The answers usually follow with a "reaction image" (credited to Generalzoi in the description of the blog) along with what Mimi has to say about the ask. There's also Disello, one of Mimi's clients that also answers questions when asked.

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