Ask Milky Mane
Milky Mane, lying (?)
Ask Milky Mane tumblr
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Main Character(s) Milky Mane

Ask Milky Mane ( is an ask blog pertaining to the OC Milky Mane.

Milky ManeEdit

Milky Mane is a unicorn, born in Ponyville. And while she lives out of town at a mountainside observatory, she works there every morning, delivering milk for the Milky Cloud farms, a family business.

One of the most defining characteristic of Milky Mane is her tendency to suspect everyone for every reason possible with little to no exception. Perhaps the most telling part of that behavior lies in the tinfoil she insists on wearing wrapped around her horn, thus mimicking the behavior of tinfoil hats in real-life. Except stretched to (even more) comical degrees.


The ask blog started out with drawings made in MSpaint with a mouse. It has since then moved on to drawings with paint tool sai, and a tablet. The answers to asked questions are generally spread on multiple panels.

Occasionally, due to the mod not having a separate blog, there will be a few reblogs, mostly relating to some tumblr events, and OOC posts, most likely work in progress.

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