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Ask Metal N Co is a draw blog with the Nettle family, consiting of the characters

  1. 'Metal Nettle', a tattoo pony who has moved from Manehatten to Ponyville
  1. Husband 'Tim', a rockstar bassist who has settled down to have a family.
  2. Damian, Metal's oldest 'pet'. Damian is a Kirin who Metal found as an egg. He has a talent in extreme sports.
  3. Eldest son, Storm. Storm is a well known food critic who is very influential artical in the Ponyville Press.
  4. Filly Carnival, the youngest daughter. She has a special talent in carnival style parties, but is to young to do anything serious.

There is also 'MetalMod' pony, and her girlfriend 'Jen Pony' who make rare appearances on the blog. There is also the demon pony Jimmy, who has been moved to his own blog.

Metal N Co is updated randomly, often 3 to 4 times when it does.

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