Ask Melodious Winds is the OC pony of Karingan on Deviantart. Karingan is the Moderator for her tumblr and answers all her questions by drawing, usually.

  • Pony type: Pegasus-Dragon mix (Nightmare-Dragon)

  • Main color: Dark grey

  • Mane and tail: Purple with blue streaks.

  • Wings: Purple secondaries, blue primaries and black webbing with blue markings.

  • Eyes: Violet fading to blue.

  • Special talent: Enchanted singing: Calming, healing, ect.

  • Current home: Canterlot Castle.

  • Occupation: Apprentice to Princess Luna

Melodious winds in everfree by karingan-d4r5hpk (1)

Melodious, or Melody, was born just outside Everfree Forest, by her mother, Glory Song, a pegasus who mated with the dragon, Erebus. After 2 years of happiness with her parents, her father was slain by a group of dragons who were disgusted by her birth. Then they came for her mother, who told Melody to run away, to find safety, which is how she ended up in Everfree Forest.

She used to live in the abandoned castle of the Alicorn princesses that used to be Everfree Castle. After Nightmare Moon's defeat by the 6 ponies that embodied the elements of harmony, she was enthralled by princess Luna's power. She has since been her prodigy, and her faithful student. Her singing and instrument playing soothes Luna when she worries about the return of Darkness. Melody is very much a bookworm, like her counterpart, princess Celestia's student, Twilight Sparkle. She learns how her pitches and tones can affect the body, to heal, and to hinder. She continues her studies in Canterlot Castle, where she is never far from her mentors side.

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