Ask Mattwo's Mane 6(and company)
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Ask Mattwo's Mane 6(and company) tumblr
Owner Mattwo
Status Dead
Main Character(s) Mattwo's Mane 6, Mattwo's Cutie Mark Crusaders, Mattwo's Background 6, *Mattwo's Hooves Family, Mattwo's Roseluck, Mattwo's Spike the Dragon, and a Pink Spikes Wisp

Ask Twolight Sparkle was a blog about Doctor Twooves' companion, Twilight Sparkle. Because of this the blog can take place in both her past and present, so she's not always an alicorn. Additionally not everything that happens is with The Doctor. Thus far it's known her mother, the Ace Brigade and The Doctor rescued her and the Ace Wings. This is not the only adventure she and The Doctor have had however.

Doctor Twooves was later merged into this blog and it became a general Ponyville-based blog with some minor rebranding and later this blog merged back into AskMat2.



  • Mattwo's Mane 6
  • Mattwo's Cutie Mark Crusaders
  • Mattwo's Background 6
  • Mattwo's Spike the Dragon and a Pink Spikes Wisp
  • Mattwo's Hooves Family and Mattwo's Roseluck

Minor and recurringEdit

  • Mattwo's Twilight Velvet (accidently named Star Sparkle at first)
  • Filly Mattwo's Twilight Sparkle and filly Mattwo's Rainbow Dash
  • "Turner"(Doctor Whooves and Assistant) and "Clockwise"'s Twilight Sparkle(Doctor Whooves Adventures)
  • Mattwo's Cheerilee
  • Mattwo's Big Macintosh
  • Mattwo's Princess Celestia
  • Mattwo's Marasmus and Bombinomicon
  • The Ace Wings and the Ace Brigade
  • Nami Pony and Luffy Pony
  • Mattwo
  • Mattwo's Lenord L. Church and Mattwo's Michael J Caboose(Note 1)
  • EeveeDoc and his Twilight(Not actually an Eevee)(Note 1)

Note 1: These blogs are now defunct.