Ask Mare Doc
Ask Mare Doc tumblr
Blog type RP blog/ask blog
Status Active
Date Created April 2012
Main Character(s) Doctor Hooves (Genderswapped)

Askmaredoc or The Mare In Time is a primarily text-based OC blog about the time-travelling heroine Doctor Whooves. Given its subject, it is commonly mistaken for a rule 63 blog of Doctor Whooves, but the author deliberately distances the character from this portrayal.

Doctor WhoovesEdit

Doctor Whooves has been subjected to various forms, including discorded, filly, 'crazy' and DJ phases. These sometimes mix for humour's sake, such as in the case of DJ Crazypon 4. As might be expected, given again the origin of the character design, Doctor Whooves is genderswapped when she steps in Posion Joke.

This version of the Doctor is said to have a fondness for both mares and stallions, with a preference for the latter.

Discorded SideEdit

Like Every Other Pony, Doctor Has Her Discorded Form. She In Her Discorded Form Has Taken Muffins From Derpy, Stabbed a Pony, and Has raped. She Has No Care About What She Does.


Doctor Married Jimmy Jam. An Anon KA Made He Pregnant With 2 Children, Who are Jimmy JR an Earth Pony, and Lilly a Pegasus. She Also Has an Adopted Son Gamer, Whos about 6.

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