Ask MangoWhat
Ask MangoWhat tumblr
Owner Rasha Alloul (MangoRei)
Blog type Ask
Status On hiatus
Date Created December 2011
Main Character(s) Mango S. Skies
Supporting Character(s) Mango's Family, Other Tumblrpon Blogs

Ask MangoWhat is a OC pony blog made by MangoRei. The main character Mango S. Skies (Mango Scarlet Skies) has a similar personality to Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy, yet isn't based on them at all, and is more of a ponysona of the mod.

  • About Mango Skies

Mango is a timid Pegasi filly who is currently attending high school, she works at a clinic for a internship, there she further adapts her knowledge for medical science.

  • Family and lifestyle

Mango was born is Saddle Arabia. She was raised on a farm with her younger brother, age 9, older sister, age 20, and older brother, age 25 (Named Maple, Flow, and Herbal Skies respectively)

Mango's father, Jack Skies (Age 52) works as a Part time farmer and part time trucker, carrying loads of the crops they grow on the farm from town to town. Her father is a Tabby brown Pegasi with a black mane.He has a Axe and a apple as a cutie mark.

Mango's mother, Maryam Skies (Age 47) works as a Manestylist in Manehattan, nothing much is known about her mother besides she is a Gray unicorn with a Reddish brown mane. She has a pair of haicutting sissors and a royal purple thread (Stunned with white music notes) as a cutie mark.

Mango's siblings, Maple Skies, has no cutiemark for he is too young and hasn't discovered it. He is a Tan coated Pegasi with a dirty blonde mane.

Flow Skies, has a bloody axe and a maginfying glass as her cutie mark.
She is a clay red colored unicorn, with a similar dirty brown mane to her younger brother Maple.

And Herbal Skies, her favorite of her siblings, has a wrench and a paintbrush as a cutie mark, a sign for architecture work.
He is a Grayish Brown Pegasi with a Black mane.

  • Childhood and Cutiemark

Not much is known about Mango's past, nor is there any story on how she gained her cutiemark.

Mango's cutiemark is a bio medic engineer symbol, giving off hints to future parts of the story arc the creator has yet to design.

  • Personal life

Mango is shown with a few friends in their own updates, but other than that not much is known as the creator took a break before she could begin her story arc.

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