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"I've been asked if I'm a wizard and that somepony I don't know loves me. That's kinda cool, I guess." - Lyra






Legal Name

Liora (No given Surname)

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Blog Type

Ask Text/Music

AskLyra is a canon-esque MLP:FIM Tumblr that attempts to create a more mature, realistic world that is neither grimdark nor over-sexualized. It frequently fills in gaps or vague areas from the show with plausible information told from the perspective of Canterlot-raised orphan Lyra as she receives messages on the Tumblr website.

Its storytelling mechanic is expressed in the style of a Dreamcast game known as Seaman. It is an interaction simulator with a narrative. Lyra will go about her daily life, often based on the show, and her present mood may impact how a message is addressed. Viewers are free to ask just about anything and nearly all messages received are at least posted, though potentially sidestepped.

Text Edit

Asks are typically grouped together in one post to save space and refrain from spamming the dashboards of followers. Many posts are sorted with tags like Storytime and Gift to make content easier to find via the sidebar of the blog's main page. Though occasionally dealing with mature themes, the language used is intended to be safe for all audiences and all swearing is censored. A yet unnamed CYOA, or Choose Your Own Adventure is also updated from time to time.

Music Edit

In addition to answering questions, Lyra also uploads music she records on her Lyre. The pieces, which are created using Musescore, are primarily from video games and notarized from sheet music with adaptations where necessary. To date there have been over 70 instrumentals uploaded.

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