Luvcrush is a unicorn with a green mane, a striped body, and a broken heart cutie mark. This indicates her special talent, making ponies in failed relationships fall out of love. In a cruel twist, this talent does not work on herself.

Lovelife and Interblog LinksEdit

Luvcrush has her own crush on Surprise, but Surprise was unable to reciprocate her feelings, as she is heterosexual. Sorry to see Luvcrush unhappy, Surprise convinced Dr. Adorable (or, as it turned out, a clone of Dr. Adorable) to make a lesbian copy of her for Luvcrush. This was successful, and Luvcrush is now living in her blog happily with "Fright" (the new name of Surprise's Clone) and proceeding to help ponies with their love problems.

Candlelight Song's matchmaking business is said to send failed pairings to Luvcrush when necessary.

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